United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is soliciting government organizations for RDT&E projects to address applicable Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) Capability technology gaps.  This solicitation is for projects starting in FY25.

This is a two-phase selection process (Phase I is a 4-page white paper and Phase II is a full, 15-page proposal) call. Those submitting proposals are encouraged to speak with USTRANSCOM subject matter experts to discuss their proposal, details of the USTRANSCOM need, and other factors to improve the quality of the proposal and to better determine commitment to sponsorship and transition.

Please click here for more details and how to submit.

Technology Needs/Focus Areas for FY25:

  • Delivery Technologies
  • Rapid Distribution Technologies
  • Cyber and Electronic Resilience
  • Resilient Communications
  • Big Data

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