The Director of Operational Energy – Innovation is pleased to announce this year’s list of awardees for the FY23 funding for the OEPF call for proposals. Based on FY23 NDAA funding, the following projects will receive awards:

  1. Small Tactical Universal Battery for Warfighter Lethality
  2. HVPE Lower Cost III-V Photovoltaics
  3. Remote Installation Grid Optimization & Resilience
  4. Medium Tactical Vehicles / Heavy Tactical Vehicles On Board Vehicle Power
  5. GPS-Denied Kit for Aerial Delivery of Operational Energy
  6. electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle
  7. Tactical Microgrid Standard Compliant AMMPS Digital Control System
  8. Optical Recharging for Contested Arenas
  9. Solar Panel Inspection and Test Cost Reduction
  10. Low-Cost Helicopter Sling Load Sling Sets
  11. Balance of Systems-Edge Compute

Award amounts may not match funding requests and are contingent on agreement of scope and deliverables between the PM and the project.

Currently Unfunded

Should additional funding become available, projects will be funded based on ranked order (provided the funding source aligns with the proposal topic):

12. Predictive Logistics
13. Space Power and Advanced Energy Recon
14. Connected, Autonomous, Multi-use, all-Electric, Logistics Delivery Vehicle
15. Portable Fluid Analyzer Plus
16. Low-Cost Solar Cell Coverglass
17. Mjolnir – Prototype Space Maneuver & Hypersonic Engine
18. Electric Yard Tractor
19. Modular Scalable Renewable Energy Microgrids
20. COTS Battery Cell Accelerated Standard Testing
21. OHANA™ Power Poles™