The Coalition Warfare Program (CWP) has announced its FY25 call for proposals, looking for projects with foreign partners, centered around cooperative research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E), with an initial submission suspense of August 18, 2023.

CWP is asking project teams to submit, via email, to, a completed version of its quad chart template—provided on the CWP website—no later than August 18. Successful submissions include an emphasis on the warfighter, strong project management, an active foreign partnership, substantive RDT&E content, responsible resource planning, a transition plan, and tangible outcomes.

Competitive nominations will begin with a project plan. CWP states this plan, developed by U.S. and foreign-government project leads may be a stand-alone effort or discretely defined within a larger effort.

Suspense Information:

August 18, 2023
•    Completed quad chart submitted via email to
October 10, 2023
•    First draft nomination packages posted in the CWP dashboard
December 4, 2023
•    Complete and final nominations due

The OE-I office seeks to connect those working with the OE-I Directorate to multiple funding opportunities.